This schedule is Relevant Radio's Sunday schedule. The only departure is on the first two weekends. On those Sundays, Carolina Catholic airs at 6 PM.

Fathers & Sons™ encore
1 AM
Best of Morning Air ®
2 AM
3 AM
4 AM
Vatican Radio Hour
5 AM
Father John Corapi
6 AM
Life Is Worth Living
7 AM
Changed Forever
8 AMCatholic Bookmarks
American Catholic Radio
9 AMPersonally Speaking
Word on Fire
10 AM
Sunday Mass Live
11 AM
Father John Corapi
Best of On Call
1 PM
Best of The Inner Life
2 PM
3 PMPersonally Speaking
American Catholic Radio
4 PMCatholic Bookmarks
Catholic Radio Weekly
5 PM
Vatican Radio Hour
6 PM
Best of Searching the Word
Carolina Catholic (on first two weekends of the month)
7 PM
Fathers & Sons
8 PM
Changed Forever
9 PM
The Holy Rosary
Word on Fire
10 PM
Life Is Worth Living
11 PM
Best of The Inner Life

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Wilmington Catholic Radio is an affiliate of Relevant Radio which is a listener supported non-profit radio network.  90% of the program content of Wilmington Catholic Radio is provided by Relevant Radio.  The remaining 10% comes from Catholic Answers or is locally produced.

St. Michael the Archangel

Wilmington Catholic Radio is an apostolate serving the Catholic Church and consistently operating in accord with the principles and truths of the Catholic Faith as expressed in Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition and the living Magisterium of the Church. Our goal is to always provide the community with solid Catholic teaching so Catholics can have an easy way to learn more about their faith, and for non-Catholics to learn what the Church really teaches. This is our mission.