Vivian Dudro

Editor for the Ignatius Press and Magnificat children’s books

For our first January 2017 show, we chat with Vivian Dudro from both Ignatius Press and the Magnificat about the latest children’s books released by these Catholic publishers. Over the last 35 years, Vivian has written news articles, book reviews, and columns for various Catholic media, including the National Catholic Register, and the Catholic San Francisco. In this show, we are introduced to the following new releases:  A Missal for Toddlers, My Little Catechism, two books on St. Teresa of Calcutta, and two books on Advent and Christmas.

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Show Notes

A Missal for Toddlers 

My Little Catechism
A Gospel Advent Calendar 

Mother Teresa of Calcutta
Mother Teresa, The Smile of Calcutta 

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