Father Fidelis Moscinski, CFR

This is a talk given by Father Moscinski at a recent fundraiser for the Legal Center for Defense of Life (LCDL) in NJ, which represents many Catholics and others being arrested for protesting against abortion. In this show, trustee of the LCDL, Adele Gilhooly, will introduce listeners to the ministry of the LCDL which offers free legal representation to Father Moscinski and others who are arrested for going inside of abortion clinics, speaking to abortion minded women about their unborn children, and handing each woman a red rose. This is called the Red Rose Rescue (RRR). Father Moscinski is a faithful, loyal priest, a committed member of the RRR, and someone who has been described as “standing for life, while on his knees.”


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Red Rose Rescue
Franciscan Friars of the Renewal
The Loce case

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