Conversion and Courage

Carolina Catholic talks to Jim and Gini Mulligan, members of the Basilica Shrine of St. Mary, about their remarkable lives and Gini's conversion to the Catholic faith. Gini and Jim married when she was a Methodist, and Gini details how she was led slowly and beautifully into the Catholic faith and raised their large family as Catholics. Joined by two heroes and former POWs from the Vietnam War, their fathers, Retired Colonel Sam Johnson, USAF, and Captain James Mulligan, USN, Gini and Jim are the only children of POWs from the Vietnam era who married. Their fathers were two of eleven members of the USAF and USN who endured over six years as POWs singled out for the harshest of torture earning the nickname, the Alcatraz Gang, while in the "Hanoi Hilton." Each night, the brave men sent code to one another via tap, tapping out GBU, God bless you.

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