Pro-Life LadiesThe December Carolina Catholic show features interviews with the women at the pro-life vigils in Wilmington.

We talk with these women who are regulars at the pro-life vigil just steps from the Wilmington Health Center, a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic, where both medical and surgical abortions are performed and where referrals for abortions later than 13.6 weeks after their last menstrual period are made.

These women (and men) have been prayerfully and bravely standing at 16th Street near the Tradd Court abortion facility for over 10 years now, and several women planning abortions have changed their minds in favor of life after being "sidewalk counseled" by these women. But the essence of what these women and men do is pray for the moms and their unborn children at risk of abortion while witnessing to the horror of abortions. 


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New Hanover County Pro Life Council

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