Cover of NC CatholicThe July Carolina Catholic show features an interview with two teachers from St. Mary Catholic School, Jack Viorel and Kevin Murphy, who also happen to have a love for surfing. They were the feature article in the May 2010 NC Catholic. Jack and Kevin also are directors of Ocean Cure, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing surf camps to medically fragile and at-risk youth. Ocean Cure has an impressive outreach surf program offering charity surf camps for children infected with HIV, Autism, and Cerebral Palsy among other illnesses as well as our Wounded Warriors, Special Olympics, the visually impaired, CARE, and other groups that minister to the medically challenged. These camps are offered at no cost to the participants.

Ocean Cure also donates time, money, and equipment to various other surf charities such as Surfer's Healing and Life Rolls On in the belief that  the ocean has powerful healing properties and that learning to surf can have a positive effect on a person's physical and emotional health and well being.

When Ocean Cure donates surf lessons or surf camps to particular groups or individuals, Ocean Cure provides all the funds necessary to make it happen. Ocean Cure works directly with Wilmington’s number one surf and kiteboard school, Indo Jax, to provide participants with all the necessary equipment and instructors to make the surf experience fun, safe, and uplifting. We also leave each student with a little gift upon completion of our surf course, all at no cost to them.

Ocean Cure is able to do this through generous donations from individuals and businesses that contribute to their charity surf programs. Ocean Cure is a non-profit and your donations are tax-deductible.

How to Support

You can support Indo Jax Charity Surf Camps by donating to Ocean Cure. Ocean Cure is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to providing surf camps to medically fragile and at-risk youth. Your donations help to keep the outreach surf camps free for the participants. You will receive a tax receipt for your donation.  You may send donations to the address below or call (910) 458-7100.

Ocean Cure Office

607 N Lake Park
Carolina Beach, NC 28428

Wish List

Office Supplies
Wet Suits

2010 Ocean Cure Outreach Program Dates

Jan 22-April 22 - 90 Days to Earth Day
April 1-April 10 - Home of Hope Orphanage Kochi India
April 24, 25 - Wounded Warrior Surf Series
April 26-30 - Boys and Girls Club
May 22,23 - Wounded Warrior Surf Series
May 17-20 - CHOICES At Risk After School Program
June 5,6 - Surf It, Save It NC Aquarium Surf Expo
June 14-18 - CARE Coastal Aids Resource Effort
June 26,27 - Wounded Warrior Surf Series
July 6-8 - Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
July 26-30 - Visually Impaired
August 7 - Life Rolls On
August 16-20 - Autism Surf Camp
August 17 (registration May 15) Folly Beach - Surfer’s Healing
August 19 (registration May 15) Wrightsville Beach - Surfer’s Healing
Sept 2,3,4,5 - Wounded Warrior Surf Series
October 23 - Big Buddy Day Surf Camp

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